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Did you know that manhole rehabilitation has been a challenge for councils and water authorities for over 2,500 years?

One of the directors of Alternative Lining Technologies recently visited the ancient city of Jerash in Jordan. Known for its magnificent Roman city, Jerash is so well preserved you can almost feel the people walking to the forum!

While taking in the wonder of this world heritage site, imagine his surprise to find a manhole in the main street, complete with a brass ring to allow for access.

The Romans invented subterranean sewer systems and, even then, understood the importance of wastewater management. It was truly a civilisation ahead of its time, and there is good reason that the Roman Empire ruled for as long as it did.

Now, 2,500 years later, underground sewer systems are still built in a very similar way to how they were back then.

All components of the sewer system are critical to the safe and efficient transfer of waste to a place where it can be safely managed.

Manholes are just as important now as they were back then and so is preserving them.

Manhole rehabilitation for the modern asset

With so much focus on the pipe in network rehabilitation, the range of products available to adequately rehabilitate manholes has previously been limited.

However, Alternative Lining Technologies’ Cured in Place Manhole (CIPM) systems can be customised to suit virtually any shape manhole, pump well or other underground structure.

Alternative Lining Technologies’ CIPM has been used in the US for over 20 years. Unlike coatings, it provides a structural solution that features:

  • Zero reliance on the sewer maintenance structure substrate condition
  • Acid-resistant PVC surface
  • Fast installation process
  • 50-year plus lifetime solution backed by 20- year warranty

CIPM liners add years of serviceability to aging sewer structures while also saving tens of thousands of dollars through rehabilitation rather than reconstruction.

Alternative Lining Technologies has completed installations of CIPM within the Melbourne Water, Yarra Valley Water and South East Water catchment areas in Victoria.

Alternative Lining Technologies and its delivery partner, Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure, are now installing CIPM across Australia and New Zealand.

This article appeared in the May 2020 edition of Utility. Click here to view the digital magazine.