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Ace Pipe Cleaning Partners with Alternative Lining Technologies

Alternative Lining Technologies (ALT) announces Ace Pipe Cleaning, a subsidiary of Carylon Corporation, as a certified installer of their cured-in-place manhole lining systems throughout the Central United States. Based out of Kansas City, MO, Ace Pipe Cleaning is one of the oldest and largest sewer contractors in the country. While their services and expertise are varied, they focus on sewer cleaning, inspection, and rehabilitation.

For 20 years Ace Pipe Cleaning has been the premier contractor for these services in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas. During that time, they have maintained expertise in a rapidly advancing industry. Aging infrastructure and growing communities have forced the sewer industry to innovate products and technology that seek to maintain collection systems more efficiently. Trenchless technologies, like CIPP, have revolutionized the way communities approach rehab and the associated costs. Similarly, ALT is partnering with contractors, like Ace, to introduce a unique system for rehabilitating manholes and other vertical sewer structures.

Based on the concept of cured-in-place pipe, CIPM liners utilize coated felt and fiberglass combined with epoxy to rehabilitate structures, while stopping I/I and preventing further corrosion. The AltLiner is constructed of panels of felt, which are coated with PVC. These panels are thermally fused to form a sealed liner, custom made for each structure. Fiberglass panels are added for the structural component. The liner is then wet-out onsite and cured under steam and air pressure to conform the liner to the manhole. This creates a strong, corrosion resistant rim-to-invert liner that extends structure life by 50 years or more. Every liner is backed with a 20-year non-prorated warranty.

Alternative Lining Technologies is excited to partner with such a capable and reputable company, like Ace. ALT General Manager, Jim Rouse stated “We believe our system is the best solution for the immense corrosion problem in manholes and pump stations. We are focused on partnering with respected installers, like Ace, to prove the value of the system to engineers and collection systems.” Ace Pipe Cleaning executive, Steve Hontz, echoed Jim’s enthusiasm saying “This is a great solution for structural and hydrogen sulfide protection.”

Ace and ALT are planning demos and presentations in Missouri and Texas this summer to educate the industry about CIPM lining systems. If you’d like more information or to request a presentation for your organization, contact Bryan Dobson at Ace Pipe Cleaning by calling 800- 325-9372.